Royal Fashion Design

Royal Fashion Design
Date: June 5 – August 29 2021
Location: Grote Kerk Breda

The Stichting Grote Kerk Breda proudly presents Royal Fashion Design – a special tribute to the magical designs of contemporary Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen. With his layered and colourful designs for women, Mattijs van Bergen’s work is perfectly suited for the royal and historical setting of the Grote Kerk Breda. 

In addition to pieces from previous collections that Mattijs van Bergen designed between 2012 and 2015, this exhibition featured new work created especially at the behest of the Stichting Grote Kerk Breda. The inspiration for these new designs came from the Grote Kerk Breda itself, from the grandeur of its architectural elements, the elegant details and the tombs. The guiding principle is ‘the power of the woman’, which Mattijs encountered anew in the stories of Johanna van Polanen and Anna van Saksen. Van Bergen’s designs show woman as a muse, a goddess, a queen, a protector and giver of life.  

I worked on this exhibition as a co-curator, project manager, and I wrote the wall texts.

Photos: Fred Ernst